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Why PT Treatments Are Incorporating Equine Movement

Why PT Treatments Are Incorporating Equine Movement

Physical therapy (PT) uses movement as a form of recovery and a technique for improving skills and an individual’s physical and mental strength. PT often implements a range of equipment to enhance their treatments, including weights, VR technology, and simulators. With the rise in acknowledgment and popularity of hippotherapy, many PTtreatments nowadays incorporate equine therapy equipment into their practice. Using a horse’s gait allows therapists to enhance their sessions in various ways and provide an array of benefits for their patients. Here are some reasons why PT professionals incorporate equine movement into their services.

Improved Physical Functions

Equine movement helps an individual develop various physical functions. Whether a patient is riding the horse simulator standing up or sitting down, repetitive back and forth motions of a horse’s gait stimulates numerous physical reactions to remain in tune and on the moving equipment. Staying in sync with a horse’s gait improves a person’s balance, core, hip flexibility, posture, and body strength.

Increased Client Outreach

People of all ages with varying abilities can undergo hippotherapy and reap its perks. Hippotherepay’s track record shows improvements and benefits to those with autism, cerebral palsy, and recoverees from a stroke. Offering hippotherapy as a service at a PT clinic broadens clientele and provides a broader selection of treatments on top of PT, like cognitive behavior and speech therapy.

Better Retention Rates

Retention rates keep clinics in business. They ensure that clients signed on for PT continue to carry out their treatment for the recommended period and beyond just a one-and-done session. Those that stick with PT longer gain the most. Improving skills, strengthening muscles, and recovering your body and mind after an event takes time.

Incorporating equine movement into PT treatments adds entertainment. Whether your clinic uses actual horses or a simulator, horse riding boosts enjoyment and includes a unique twist to a patient’s session. The more enjoyable PT becomes, the higher the chances people will return for another appointment.

Forward Thinking Business Plans

Therapy, in general, continues to adapt and change with current affairs. From improved technology to newly discovered methods and understanding of how people’s bodies and minds work, the future of therapy consistently grows. Equine therapy equipment joins the many newer technological advancements implemented in therapy. No matter the type of technology or purpose, everybody wants the latest gadgets. Most of the time, updated versions offer improved abilities and attributes that enhance various experiences. Plus, offering hippotherapy expands the directions of growth a clinic could take in the future as hippotherapy also continues to develop.

Equine movement and equipment add another beneficial tool to the trade box. Offering a range of treatments and techniques enhances the experience of conducting and receiving therapy. As a PT clinic, providing various therapeutic options allows you to choose the best-fitting service and equipment for your patients and their needs.

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