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The MiraColt is a proven solution for individuals with Autism (ASD),
Cerebral Palsy, Parkinsonism, and in Stroke recovery.

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The MiraColt™ as a simulator device, delivers access to the core benefits of hippotherapy.

The MiraColt™ from Chariot Innovations is an innovative mechanical hippotherapy simulator device that’s proven itself as a transformative therapy tool. The device matches almost exactly the walking gait of a horse. Through its neuro-muscular stimulation, when used as part of hippotherapy or as a complement to other recommended therapy ( both in a therapist supervised setting or at home), it improves cognitive, sensory, physical, and behavioral development in children with Autism and Cerebral Palsy. The MiraColt™ also enhances gait quality, balance, and control for individuals with Parkinsonism or undergoing Stroke recovery.

How Can We Help
Autism (ASD)
Cerebral Palsy (CP)

The MiraColt™  addresses Challenges of Access to Benefits of Hippotherapy for those in need

For Hippotherapy to be beneficial, it needs to be consistent and accessible. The weather, safety, mobility, size or age of the individual, and even horse fatigue are some of the important challenges that our innovation solution addresses. As well as the cost of maintaining a horse at home, or even getting one inside a home or therapy center.

Meet the MiraColt


We have tried every equipment, mechanical device out there, you name it. This machine, the motion it provides, has done more for my husband’s brain than anything else we’ve tried. As a nurse, I see him improving every day.


-Patricia Jelks | Wife of a Stroke Survivor


We recently used the MiraColt in combination with speech therapy for adults with brain injury, and were very pleased with the outcomes of the project. This is a very promising direction for potentially enhancing the effects of language treatment.


-Paul T. Fillmore, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders at Baylor University

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