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Top Inspiring Trends in Physical Therapy for 2023

Top Inspiring Trends in Physical Therapy for 2023

Accessibility and advancement of technology have allowed other fields to advance, including physical therapy (PT). It has innovated new ways to serve patients, largely with the help of tech. Here are a few of the top inspiring trends in physical therapy we’ll likely see in 2023.

VR Technology

Since its inception, virtual reality (VR) technology has allowed players to feel immersed in a game. Today, physical therapists use this technology to their advantage.

VR tech allows physical therapists to monitor their patients’ movements in a controlled, safe environment. It allows the patient to try new, exciting situations, such as a soccer or baseball game. They can experience sports in a dynamic way, with a much smaller risk of injury.

PT and Gaming

Just as many adults in the early 2000s used Wii Fit to stay active, modern PT patients are doing the same. Programs like Wii Sports and Zumba Fitness allow patients to play fun games while regaining mobility.

Professionals do this by using the balance board and controller to encourage a full range of movement. In some programs, the physical therapist can track specific movement data from the devices, which can be useful for recording the patient’s progress.

Alternative Hippotherapy

Previously, patients who benefitted from hippotherapy had to visit a ranch or outpatient center, where they would ride horses. With therapeutic medical devices from Chariot Innovations, hippotherapy can occur in the patient’s usual PT office.

The Miracolt is a hippotherapy simulator that allows patients to get the benefits of hippotherapy without the hassles or risks. It’s a great way for patients to practice the walking gait before getting back on their own feet.

These are just a few of the inspiring trends we’re seeing in the physical therapy field for 2023. We’re excited to see where innovation takes us next!

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