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The Best Gym & Therapy Equipment for Kids With Autism

The Best Gym & Therapy Equipment for Kids With Autism

Whether your child was recently diagnosed with autism or is already receiving therapy, knowing which exercise and therapy equipment is best for them can be hard. Fortunately, various options are available to help children with autism make the most of their physical activity and therapy sessions. Let’s look at some of the best gym and therapy equipment for kids with autism.

Balance Boards & Discs

Balance boards and discs are great pieces of equipment for children with autism because they encourage balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. Balance boards can work in various positions, such as standing or kneeling while moving in different directions. Similarly, balance discs can help improve coordination by encouraging your child to sit on the disc while doing exercises or activities requiring stability.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are great tools for improving gross motor skills, agility, coordination, and balance in kids with autism. They also provide an opportunity to work on following directions while having fun at the same time. You can either build your obstacle course or purchase an obstacle course kit with all the necessary items, such as ladder rungs, hurdles, rings, cones, and more.

Therapy Balls & Mats

Therapy balls are highly versatile pieces of exercise equipment that can work well for various activities, including strengthening core muscles, improving coordination and balance, increasing flexibility and range of motion, developing motor skills, and more! Similarly, mats are highly beneficial because they provide a comfortable surface for exercises like yoga and other physical activities requiring floor work, such as tumbling or gymnastics.


Hippotherapy, a type of therapy involving horseback riding, has been gaining popularity as an effective way to treat kids with autism. The horse’s rhythmic movements have a calming and regulating effect on the child’s nervous system, aiding in sensory integration, communication, and social interaction. It is also fun and engaging for kids, making the therapy less intimidating and enjoyable. Children can improve their self-esteem and confidence and build physical strength and coordination with hippotherapy for autism.

Appropriate forms of exercise and therapy equipment are important for helping kids with autism reach their full potential. There is something out there to suit every need, from balance boards to hippotherapy! Investing in quality exercise and therapy equipment will help your child develop physically and socially. So, if you’re looking for ways to give your child the best start possible regarding their physical activity, investing in some high-quality gym and therapy equipment might be the answer!

Chariot Innovations offers a horse riding simulator device to help children with autism get the effects of hippotherapy in a safe environment. The benefits of Miracolt™ include but are not limited to improved social and motor skills and reduced irritability and hyperactivity. Contact us today to learn more about our horse riding simulator!

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