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The MiraColt™ is a robust, durable, medical-grade natural motion simulator that is suitable for safe use in both adults and children as an unattended or minimally supervised Priming tool to prepare clients for therapy, an exercise and rehabilitation therapy tool as principal part of intervention and as a multitasking platform tool that is incorporated into other forms of physical and occupational therapy.

The MiraColt™ is Fun Plus Much More

It is a robust medical-grade, continuous, rhythmic, and safe passive-active motion simulator device that mimics and re-actively stimulates the lumbar-pelvic region, mimicking normal human gait motion experienced during walking. Simply regularly riding for 10 to 30 minutes, is a fun exercise for both the young and old, and has great sustained physical health benefits.

This reactive response of its riders results in proven physical and occupational therapy benefits in core strength, gait quality, postural correction, and balance control. Plus secondary motor, sensory and neuro-cognitive functional improvements, rehabilitative and regenerative recovery, as well as fall risk reduction benefits similar to the proven mechanical benefits of horseback riding in hippotherapy or equine assisted therapies.

The MiraColt™ is a Perfect Pre-Therapy Priming tool.

The MiraColt™ is uniquely suited for safe use in unattended or minimally supervised clinical and therapy environments as a billable service to derive the continuous passive-reactive benefits to the core, gait, posture, and balance through simply riding the device for 15-30 minutes. Passive riding also provides the secondary benefits of a reasonably modest cardio-calorie exercise workout.

This priming effect i.e. through the reactive action on muscle groups and on motor, sensory and cognitive pathways, preps the body in a way that profitably optimizes billable time and reduces the efforts required to attain the desired goals in physical or occupational therapeutic intervention and general exercise routines thus magnifying the beneficial effects of therapy time. A great whole body warm-up that has a calming effect which sharpens focus and enables the therapist to go Farther, Faster and Easier.

It is safe for use in both the young and the old. In people with a neuro-motor disorder, brain, or spinal cord injury. In the elderly at fall risk, with Parkinson’s, stroke, multiple sclerosis, or arthritis. In children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, or behavioral disorders. Plus it is great also for the healthy and athletic who passively enjoy active natural motion and need to keep the body moving.

The MiraColt™ is an Innovative Multi-Tasking Platform for Therapy

The MiraColt™ complements and increases therapy intervention options and outcomes for therapist attended, directed, or supervised activities that are focused on whole body functional growth, regeneration, and rehabilitation.

The patient is able to multi-task, performing different therapeutic or other challenge tasks while riding, thus engaging multiple brain centers simultaneously which encourages cross coordination, and multiplies the impact a therapist has in a single session. A wonderful benefit for both the client and therapist, increasing satisfaction and service appreciation of value and benefit.

What Others Have Said

“[Our study, 12 participant who rode the MiraColt twice a week for six weeks] saw improved gait and balance in Parkinson’s patients …. improved standing ability, less cognitive impairment, improved balance, better sleep, increased mobility, improved emotional state and increased social interaction.”

Rhett Rigby, PhD, CSPS, NSCA-PT

Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs - Associate Professor Kinesiology & Exercise Physiology - Texas Woman's University

“We have one person that completed the study, and comes back regularly just to use the device to exercise.” [Update on on-going study at the University of Kansas Medical Center – Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center]

Kelly E. Lyons, PhD

Director of Research and Education - Parkinson’s Foundation Krupp Smith Family Foundation Center of Excellence, University of Kansas Medical Center

“When they [Control group participants in the Delaney Senior Living Community Proof of Concept Study] realized that they were not getting to ride , they were very disappointed. It became impossible to encourage them to continue with the study.

Mary Jane Voltin

Director of Sales & Marketing - The Delaney at Lake Waco

“It is great that the MiraColt provides Passive-Active exercise. The person riding can get meaningful fun exercise without exerting or exhausting themselves.”

Brad Dinsmore, RN

Regional Director Clinical Services - Life Care Services

“I think the movement of the horse is one of the amazing profound ways to wake up neurological systems in people. My dream would be that [the MiraColt™] becomes an adaptive piece of equipment in all clinics and therapy centers.”

Nancy Krenek PT, DPR, HPCS, CTRI

Founder & CEO - Ride On Centre for Kids (ROCK)

“The Miracolt gives people with disability a safe and ‘true to life’ alternative. It has all the benefits of equine therapy but in a safe and controlled environment.”

Sally O’Brien

McIntyre Centre Riding for Disabled

“We have tried every equipment, mechanical device out there, you name it. This machine, the motion it provides, has done more for my husband’s brain than anything else we’ve tried. As a nurse, I see him improving every day.”

Patricia Jelks

Wife of a stroke survivor

“We recently used the MiraColt in combination with speech therapy for adults with brain injury, and were very pleased with the outcomes of the project. This is a very promising direction for potentially enhancing the effects of language treatment.”

Paul Filmore

Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders at Baylor University

The MiraColt™ Advantage – The Bottom Line!

The MiraColt™ profitably optimizes efficiency of time use for both patients/clients and therapists. It is a billable service with benefits even in unattended or minimally supervised where clients simply ride for just 15 to 30 minutes. It serves as a great safe exercise and priming tool.

Also, as part of an integrated holistic care approach it provides a great multi-tasking platform through which a therapist can address the core, gait, balance, posture, plus motor functional improvements, and recovery. In addition, whilst using the MiraColt™, secondary sensory, cognitive, and quality of life benefits are derived that patients are bound to value and appreciate.

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