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Backed by concept studies, research, and anecdotal experience, the MiraColt™ is a proven viable intervention tool to add to Exercise and Rehabilitation programs for Seniors to address Fall Risk Prevention, Core Strength, Joint Mobility, Gait Quality and Stability, Balance, Posture and Increased Functional Ability. Contributing to greater Engagement and Quality of Life. A wonderful benefit to Seniors, Families, Care Givers & Facilities.

Falls Among Seniors are a Big Problem!

In the Proof of Concept Study, 9 of the 10 Study group members began at or above the fall-risk threshold. Within 6 weeks of having the MiraColt as part of their exercise routine, all had reduced fall risk with 4 of the 9 (44%) getting below the threshold. There was minor improvement in the control group. 7 of the 10 dropped out of the study within 3 weeks because they were not riding, one of whom started riding on her own.

The MiraColt™ is a proven intervention in Reducing Fall Risk among Seniors

In a just concluded Baylor University proof of concept study requested by the Delaney at Lake Waco (A premier Senior Living Retirement Community managed by the Life Care Services group) the MiraColt™ showed that when incorporated into a wellness exercise or rehabilitation program, even with minimal supervision, offers a fun engaging exercise intervention that significantly reduces fall risk (and number of falls), and improves gait quality, posture, balance and stability.

The Timed UP & GO as well as Forward and Backward walking were significantly impacted after riding for 10 minutes, twice a week over 6 weeks.

The MiraColt™ is great for Parkinson’s & Stroke Recovery

Studies evaluating interventions for Stroke Recovery and Parkinson’s Disease that have used the MiraColt™ or other horse riding simulator have shown measurable significant “improvements in balance, postural sway ( i.e. stability) and quality of life for people with Parkinson’s“.

Furthermore, as an intervention to improve balance and quality of life among seniors (older adults), it is noted that the improvements are not just significant, but are also safe and sustained. An important factor when considering the MiraColt as a suitable and viable low supervision intervention for at home use or in community-dwelling older adults.

PLUS the MiraColt™ is SAFE, Fun & Engaging

Including the MiraColt™ in an exercise and/or rehabilitation program has great additional benefits. Both anecdotally and in studies, the elderly have reported greater enjoyment and less task difficulty in engaging in exercise routines. The device is a great prep tool for exercise, is appealing, can be part of a challenge and can be used as a platform device while doing other activities or exercise.

It also provides, a low-intensity cardio work-out and its impact on the core is great for improving bowel movement and bladder control.

What Others Have Said

“We have one person that completed the study, and comes back regularly just to use the device to exercise.” [Update on on-going study at the University of Kansas Medical Center – Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center]

Kelly E. Lyons, PhD

Director of Research and Education - Parkinson’s Foundation Krupp Smith Family Foundation Center of Excellence, University of Kansas Medical Center

“When they [Control group participants in the Delaney Senior Living Community Proof of Concept Study] realized that they were not getting to ride , they were very disappointed. It became impossible to encourage them to continue with the study.

Mary Jane Voltin

Director of Sales & Marketing - The Delaney at Lake Waco

“It is great that the MiraColt provides Passive-Active exercise. The person riding can get meaningful fun exercise without exerting or exhausting themselves.”

Brad Dinsmore, RN

Regional Director Clinical Services - Life Care Services

The MiraColt™ Advantage – The Bottom Line!

Including the MiraColt™ in an exercise and/or rehabilitation program isn’t just a great health and exercise benefit for seniors, their care givers and resident communities. It is also a great financial investment with a solid return on investment even for small facilities with as few as 40 residents.



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