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How Does Physical Therapy Help People with Down Syndrome?

How Does Physical Therapy Help People with Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome can result in physical and mental differences among the people who are born with it. Physical therapy and other methods can improve some of these physical differences. Here’s how physical therapy helps people with Down syndrome.

Developmental Skills

Many individuals with Down syndrome develop motor skills slower than their peers. Physical therapy can help them master these skills, including walking, crawling, and moving from sitting to standing. Becoming comfortable with these motor skills gives individuals with Down syndrome more autonomy and freedom of movement.

Improving Balance and Coordination

Balance and coordination are two essential skills that allow human beings of all kinds to move through space or over uneven terrain without falling. In patients with Down syndrome, balance and coordination may not come as naturally. Because of this, physical therapy is essential.

Physical therapists use tools such as exercise balls, balance beams, and even obstacle courses to help improve the balance and coordination of their patients. Some of these, such as obstacle courses, may also include strength-building exercises.

Hippotherapy, or horse therapy, can also be a great way to improve the balance and coordination of those with Down syndrome. Hippotherapy and Down syndrome have a long, shared history due to hippotherapy’s effectiveness when treating Down syndrome patients!

Building Strength

Many physical therapists help their patients improve their strength and increase their muscle mass. Building strength is a great way for Down syndrome patients to increase their independence and physical capabilities.

Many physical therapists will design fun games to get their patients active, especially if they’re children. Building strength through physical activity can also be a great way to keep patients in a healthy weight range and keep their hearts healthy!

Physical therapy helps people from all walks of life, including those with Down syndrome. Speak with one of our team members or peruse our website for more information about physical therapy treatments for Down syndrome patients!

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