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Neurological Recovery Center of Fort Worth

Randall Williams

Lead PT

“This makes your time spent with patients more productive for significantly more efficient hours… It is a viable tool we use to prime our patients, get a lot of core activation, and reduce spasticity. You can get a lot out of your patients if they’re a little more relaxed and calm.”

Chris Zoll


“We use the hippotherapy simulator with all of our patients to challenge and improve their postural stability.”

REACT Neuro Rehab

Jose Martinez

Neuro-Recovery Specialist

“We see the Chariot mobilizing our clients’ hips, reducing spasticity for their inner thighs, and even causing their lower back pain to go away for days at a time. As a neuro-recovery specialist, the Chariot makes it a lot easier because it is a very sturdy piece of equipment. When I put my client on here I don’t have to worry about it falling or breaking, unlike a stability ball where if they have a spasm the ball is going to go out from under them. Versus on here [pointing to the Chariot], it is very easy to keep them in a safe environment.”


Patricia Jelks is a retired nurse whose husband, Rukken, had a stroke over ten years ago – severely damaging the left side of his brain. Rukken lost his almost all of his mobility, communication and awareness.

“This machine jump starts the brain like nothing else besides the horse. But, it’s the next best thing. My husband is starting to wake up to his right side being utilized and becoming more aware. Now when I go places he’ll say, ‘Yes, I want to go too!’”

Patricia claims they have tried every treatment and piece of equipment without seeing hopeful results until Rukken got back in the saddle.

Barbara Epps
Reach Therapeutic Riding Center - Waco, TX

”Wow! You’ve really captured the realistic horse movement!”

Carolyn Barrett OT, IM, SP, Level II AHA
Brazos Children's Center - Waco, TX

“I know this is a valuable tool, having over 25 years experience as an Occupational Therapist. We have found the movement to be extremely calming to all – the complex rocking motion has greatly assisted in task attention and participation. The 3 year old boy was unable to complete a 5 minute task at a table. After the first time he rode we were able to engage in 3 tasks and sat for 20 or more minutes! His parent was able to observe and noted the change as profound. We have this result consistently. The 10 year old is now able to go from sitting to standing out of a chair without use of armrests and/or assistance, so progress is evident in just a few uses.”

Nancy Krenek
Ride On Center for Kids (R.O.C.K.) - Georgetown, TX
Founder & CEO

“This better replicates the horse than other products … I feel like, Okay! We’re going to the next horse.”

Debbie Blackmon
JoyRide Center - Magnolia, TX
Therapeutic Riding Instructor

“There was an instance where it rained and two days straight we did riding lessons inside and used it all day long to teach indoor lessons.”


JoyRide offers their clients our riding option with normal lessons or on days when the horses need rest, weather does not permit sessions and any other circumstances – which keeps up consistency for their clients’ therapy.

JoyRide found their regular cancellation rate for sessions with clients dropped from 25% to 2% over a three month period.  


Brian Garner
Chariot Innovations
Founder & President

“I have been blessed to study with and be mentored by some of the leaders in organic motion simulation and have a deep passion to help people recover from injuries and disabilities by designing and building safe and innovative products which precisely simulate organic motion.”

Nancy Krenek
Ride On Center for Kids (R.O.C.K.) - Georgetown, TX
Founder & CEO

“This brings the added element of a lateral bend, resembling the back foot of a horse rolling forward … A smoother motion you don’t get with other products.”