What Patients & Caretakers Say

Patricia & Rukken Jelks


Patricia Jelks is a retired nurse whose husband, Rukken, had a stroke over ten years ago – severely damaging the left side of his brain. Rukken lost his almost all of his mobility, communication, and awareness.

“This machine jump starts the brain like nothing else besides the horse. But, it’s the next best thing. My husband is starting to wake up to his right side being utilized and becoming more aware. Now when I go places he’ll say, ‘Yes, I want to go too!’”

Patricia claims they have tried every treatment and piece of equipment without seeing hopeful results until Rukken got back in the saddle.

“After 2-3 minutes on [MiraColt], Clayton is louder and more responsive to speech and music therapy. This is even better than what we were hoping for!”

– Anna Everett, Caretaker of her 28-year-old son, Clayton, who has autism


“[MiraColt] makes your time spent with patients more productive for significantly more efficient hours… It is a viable tool we use to prime our patients, get a lot of core activation, and reduce spasticity. You can get a lot out of your patients if they’re a little more relaxed and calm.”

– Randall Williams, Lead PT – Neurological Recovery Center of Fort Worth

“We have found the movement to be extremely calming to all – the complex rocking motion has greatly assisted in task attention and participation.”

– Carolyn Barrett, OT, IM, SP 


“We see [MiraColt] mobilizing our clients’ hips, reducing spasticity for their inner thighs, and even causing their lower back pain to go away for days at a time. As a neuro-recovery specialist, [MiraColt] makes it a lot easier because it is a very sturdy piece of equipment. When I put my client on here I don’t have to worry about it falling or breaking, unlike a stability ball where if they have a spasm the ball is going to go out from under them. Versus on here [pointing to MiraColt], it is very easy to keep them in a safe environment.”

Jose Martinez, Neuro-Recovery Specialist – REACT Neuro Rehab


“We use [MiraColt] with all of our patients to challenge and improve their postural stability.”

– Chris Zoll, MSPT – Neurological Recovery Center of Fort Worth

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