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After 20 min of Resting

After 20 min of Walking

This machine jump starts the brain like nothing else… besides the horse. My husband is starting to wake up to his right side being utilized and becoming more aware. Now when I go places he’ll say, ‘Yes, I want to go too!’

Patricia Jelks, Nurse and Caregiver for her husband, Rukken, who survived a severe stroke over ten years ago.

We see MiraColt mobilizing our clients hips, reducing spasticity for their inner thighs, and even causing their lower back pain to go away for a couple of days.

Jose Martinez, Neuro-Recovery Specialist

We work with a three-year-old boy who is unable to complete a five-minute task at a table… The first time he rode we were able to engage in three tasks and he sat for over 20 minutes! Carolyn Barrett, OT at Brazos Children’s Center

MiraColt gives a natural movement to make the trunk work… We are seeing an increase in our stroke patients’ ability to walk!
Dr. Denise Gobert, PT, Ph.D.

You Are Designed To Move

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