Autism Spectrum Disorders

Equine-Assisted Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Whether your child is on the autism spectrum or you work with children in a clinical setting, you know that the right therapeutic approach can make a difference in any child’s development. When parents and professionals use equine-assisted therapy for autism spectrum disorders, they often see a measurable improvement in symptoms.

What Are the Benefits of Hippotherapy for Autism?

Scientific research has shown that there’s a strong connection between hippotherapy and autism symptoms. Hippotherapy requires engagement from the participant—this is an area where many children and adolescents on the autism spectrum may struggle. Studies have shown a reduction in the severity of ASD symptoms, including hyperactivity, following prolonged participation in equine-assisted therapy.

What’s more, recent research suggests even greater breakthroughs when riding therapy is combined with additional brain-building activities. It was observed that this approach correlated with an improvement in coordination and dexterity. Researchers and behavioral scientists continue to find evidence that hippotherapy has a significant impact on symptoms observed in those with autism.

Why the MiraColt Is a Life-Changing Alternative

Equine-assisted therapy for autism isn’t always a practical solution for those who need it most. There may be a lack of horseback riding facilities in a given region—plus, bad weather can reduce these opportunities even more. The MiraColt is a mechanical solution that accurately mimics horse movement, so children and adolescents with autism can still experience the benefits of hippotherapy without riding an actual horse.


The MiraColt is safe and affordable. It’s a life-changing addition to any household or clinic. At Chariot Innovations, we strive to make movement therapy accessible to everyone, and we’ve invested substantial time and resources into making this equipment the most effective of its kind. Unlike other simulators, the MiraColt achieves a realistic 3D walking motion. It provides an organic experience that more closely aligns with an authentic horse gait.

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