MiraColt Studies

“[MiraColt] gives a natural movement to make the trunk work… We are seeing an increase in our stroke patients’ ability to walk!”

– Dr. Denise Gobert, PT, Ph.D.

Dr. Gobert of Texas State University Physical therapy and her graduate students are currently in the process of publishing results showing improved balance for patients who participated in their clinical study. The study involves stroke patients who are experiencing lower than standard measures on the Berg Balance Scale (BBS). Results from the study show significant improvements in all measures of participants standing, walking, and seated balance.

“9 out of every 10 participants [with Parkinson’s disease] are expressing significant, quantitative improvements in standing balance.”

– Dr. Rhett Rigby, Ph.D.

Dr. Rhett Rigby and his students have studied the effects of a simulated saddle [MiraColt] on static balance and quality of life in individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

The study’s proposal shows how equine assisted activities are well documented in recent studies to have many therapeutic benefits including balance (e.g., Rigby and Grandjean, 2016). “Balance can be improved if neuromuscular and vestibular mechanisms are affected. As the horse walks, its center of gravity is displaced three-dimensionally with a rhythmic movement very similar to the human pelvis during walking.”

The exciting results from this study are also in the publishing process, reporting further evidence for improved balance using MiraColt.







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